It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that I have become a Fellow of The Business Continuity Institute (BCI).

It has been a lengthy and arduous process over the past nine months to achieve this esteemed honour. It takes much dedication and hard work to accomplish this process, it is important to note that a Fellowship is meant to be hard, otherwise it would not carry the clout deserved in it achievement.

To be a Fellow of the BCI is to earn great recognition of my 20+ years experience, knowledge and dedication in the field of resilience both within the private and public sector.

The fellowship recognises that I have the competency required to:

  1. To build workplace capability and resilience
  2. It is noted that I have given significant contribution to the wider community
  3. It demonstates I have the skills and advanced understanding of the subject matter
  4. Formulating original thinking to build and improve organisational resilience
  5. I am able to apply advanced understanding to solve complex problems

Many of the aspects above undertaken as part of the BCI Fellowship process will benefit ORBD clients and I very much look forward to challenging myself in taking the Fellowship learnings forward within my various consultancies throughout my global client community.

Thomas Bennett ORBD

Here is a link to other Thomas Bennett BCI online article

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